From high-tech face and body care to cutting-edge suncare and smart, sophisticated make-up, EISENBERG Paris’s collections for women and men benefit from José Eisenberg’s passion for beauty and technology.


The desire to embark on a new journey can come at any moment. For José Eisenberg, it was in the mid-80s when he made up his mind to change careers and engage in a new life.

Having already worked in the fashion and Information Technology industries, he was eager to pursue his lifelong ambition of building his own beauty brand. He imagined creating skincare and make-up collections which would allow him to merge his passions for beauty and technology, and would reflect his identity, values and experiences.

So, in 1985, José Eisenberg took his first steps towards building what would become his professional and personal legacy. He commenced with the creation of a brand that would eventually leave an indelible impression on the beauty industry and, one day, be passed down to his son, Edmond.


Why create cosmetics if they don’t offer visible, fast-acting results?

This question was at the forefront of José Eisenberg mind when he started his research. The process that led to the discovery of the Trio-Molecular® Formula required 13 years of research and 2 years of medical, clinical, toxicological, molecular and pharmacological testing.

The Trio-Molecular® Formula synthesises resources found in nature, three molecules with the formidable power to prevent and correct signs of ageing. This scientific discovery boosts the efficacy of carefully selected targeted natural ingredients.

Today, EISENBERG’s formulas harness the technological power of the patented Trio-Molecular® Formula, the foundation of the Brand’s skincare solutions. Ensuring immediate, visible result, it reactivates the skin’s essential functions, guaranteeing an even, healthy, radiant complexion.


REGENERATES (through enzymes)

These biotechnological molecules have a keratolitic effect. They digest and eliminate dead cells which dull, grey and thicken skin. They help assimilate active ingredients, guaranteeing a better quality of cellular cover.

ENERGISES (through cytokines)

Cytokines are key for cellular communication, peptide bond messengers sent by different types of cells (immune cells, epidermal cells, etc.). They act on the receptors of other cells to induce various vital reactions. Cytokines contained in EISENBERG products are extracted from milk. They are bioactive polypeptides that help renew cells and synthesize extracellular proteins. They optimise cutaneous structure and improve skin’s appearance and firmness.

OXYGENATES (through biostimulins)

Biostimulins, from the fresh tissue of young beech shoots, stimulate cell oxygenation, a vital source of energy, and synthesize collagen and elastin for guaranteed tone and elasticity.


EISENBERG is a discerning Brand, committed to ongoing research and perfection. Every solution must offer timeless elegance, sensory pleasure and instant, noticeable results.

The EISENBERG experience begins the moment you see a product on a shelf or website. All of EISENBERG’S highly-formulated, paraben-free cosmetics come in refined packaging. White, gold and silver for the women’s collections. Grey, white and platinum for the men’s ranges. Silver and black for the make-up collection.

Once removed from their packaging, they are a pleasure to apply, delivering a singular sensory experience. From petal-soft creams and delicate emulsions to gentle serums and cocooning masks, each product is designed to elevate not just skin but also a person’s mood, how they feel about themselves and their environment.


Each product is tested to verify its effectiveness and safety under dermatological and, if necessary, ophthalmological control. Tests are carried out by the Department of Pharmacology and Cellular and Molecular Toxicology at the University of Medicine of Pavia.

Suncare testing is even more extensive. EISENBERG’s SPF products not only receive a PA+++ rating, Japan’s demanding consumer protection norm, but are also assessed according to the minimum critical wavelength, which covers the UV spectrum to ensure more reliable skin protection. (Logo registered with WIPO by José Eisenberg).

Safe, immediate results for smoother, firmer, brighter, rejuvenated skin!


From its inception, EISENBERG Paris has dedicated itself to helping all women achieve the flawless, satiny skin that first inspired José Eisenberg when he thought about creating his own beauty brand.

He and his team continue to conceive and develop efficient, sensorial cosmetics for every need, always aiming for just the right balance of effectiveness and luxury, innovation and elegance.

Today, Edmond Eisenberg works alongside his father, managing all aspects of the Brand’s strategy and development. Continuing his father’s dedication to beauty, precision and luxury, Edmond is paving the way for the next chapter of EISENBERG Paris, ensuring that the Brand’s dedication to cutting edge biocosmetic research carries over into the next generation of EISENBERG products.