José Eisenberg has always been fascinated by perfumes, by what they awaken deep down inside you. From a very early age, he only allowed people wearing perfume to cuddle him! The smell of orange blossom takes him back to his childhood when his mother’s baking filled his kitchen with the scent. This note now and always will remind him of happy times, when he felt like the most loved little boy in the world.

The quest for emotion

Like painting, sculpture, writing and music, perfume is an art that speaks to the soul and awakens our deepest emotions. The great “noses” are artists, the great accords and subtly unforgettable essences are works of art that leave their mark on collective and individual memory.

José EISENBERG lives out his passion for perfume with an adventurous spirit: he explores olfactory universes that reflect his emotions to capture a moment, a feeling or a trail, all to try to find the mysterious and wonderful alchemy that opens the door to every possibility and every world: a composition that becomes the intimate reflection of the one who will wear it, unforgettable and unique.


J'OSE was the first olfactive concept, born out of José EISENBERG's creative mind. He then "dared" to embark in a new creative journey.

This perfume is composed for the unique and daring individuals who dare to break stereotypes, to be avant-garde, to follow all their passions and achieve their dreams. “When I created J’OSE, I listened to that little voice that pushed me to feel rather than think.”

There was never any doubt about the name—it was an obvious choice, symbolizing his mindset but also a play on his first name, seeming like destiny.

This first perfume opened another door to the art world for José EISENBERG, marking the starting point for his unique concept: the Art of Perfume. It was the first of a series of scents that follow on from one another and complement each other but remain completely unique. They are the pieces of a puzzle that form the story of his life, in which everyone can see themselves.


José EISENBERG is an artist, a creator of art and beauty. After the legendary J’OSE, all about audacity and self-assertion, resolutely rooted in modernity, it was with tenderness, humour and poetry that he interpreted the timeless palette of male-female relations in the Art of Perfume series, celebrating their desires and fantasies with an artistic, joyful and sensual ode. Paris, Rio, sophistication and joy express themselves with enthusiasm and self-confidence in a unique, very personal collection.

Fourteen perfumes for a unique collection bringing together Art and Perfume. Each one represents an emotion, expresses a personality, and is represented by a painting.

Perfume is an art, at the heart of every mystery and every emotion, just like paintings, sculptures and poetry, with which José EISENBERG naturally and profoundly interacts. Many perfumes have remained timeless because they are mentioned in novels, essays or testimonies from a period or a person. But they are naturally fleeting—we can only hold on to a memory or an idea of the emotion they create.

For José EISENBERG, paintings were a way of holding on to this emotion and capturing it, giving his collection that same timelessness.


Everything is contrast: whispered secrets and hidden truths, the shadow silhouetted against the light, eternity and the now, flight into stillness, refined sensuality in the flaming backlight, power in the fragility...Les Secrets fragrances unfold the story of the enigmatic, of tacit promises. Built around the multiple identities of contemporary floral bouquets with amber, chypre and woody floral notes, to unveil various facets of the wearer’s personality.
What will your secret be?


Fresh. Timeless. Radiant. The Happiness Collection is your invitation to freedom, to connecting with the joys of everyday living. Each blend is a thing of beauty, every note a moment of bliss. Made with love and passion for those who live life to the fullest.
Each perfume in the Happiness collection is unisex. They promote the idea that everyone, no matter how they identify, should wear whatever fragrance reflects how they feel about themselves and the world around them. Happiness knows no gender, so why should a fragrance?


Each creation involves true introspection for José Eisenberg; capturing an emotion or a mindset must be a form of authentic self-expression. Open to the world, he wants to offer everyone a moment out of time to experience emotions through his perfumes. They express who he is but also what he wants to offer others. He finds inspiration in the story of his life, encounters, memories and precious moments. Creation is a necessity, the composition of a fragrance means writing emotions. Perfumes must tell a story. They are personal to everyone, connecting each person to their emotional experience.