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A subtle and lively Ambery Floral fragrance meant for a blooming woman that inspires sensuality and passion. 

  • Ambery
  • Floral
30 ml
  • 30 ml
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  • Ambery
  • Floral

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Key actions

Between passion and elegance, audacity and timelessness, a carnal and fascinating olfactory dance...The Mandarin and Bergamot take the stage to illuminate and sparkle at the top, joined at the heart by the sensuality and softness of the Vanilla and Jasmine. 
The Tuberose and Sandalwood at the base take a bow to leave an intense and magnetic trail.
A promise on the skin.

Olfactory pyramid

• TOP NOTES: Bergamot, Mandarin, Lavender

• HEART NOTES: Vanilla, Jasmine

• BASE NOTES: Ylang Ylang, Tuberose, Sandalwood, Musks



MANDARIN: Originally from China, the Mandarin began to be cultivated on the shores of the Mediterranean in the 19th century. Legend has it that the name of this citrus fruit was determined by the color of the traditional attire worn by high-ranking officials of the Chinese empire, the Mandarins. When its peel is expressed, it reveals sweet and tangy notes, appreciated for their freshness in the top notes of perfumes.


VANILLA: Vanilla, known as the “nectar of the Gods”, is originally from Mexico. Legend has it that this spice, the fruit of a tropical orchid, was born from the sacrifice of two forbidden lovers from the Totonac tribe. Vanilla was introduced to Europe in the 16th century. Highly sought-after for its sensual scent, it belongs to the category of rich, gourmet notes and warms up the base notes of every perfume in which it is used.


TUBEROSE: Tuberose is an exotic flower native to Central America. A rare and precious flower, renowned for its powerful and sensual fragrance, it is considered the "Queen of Flowers" in perfumery, much like the Rose. Its rich and intoxicating scent is derived from its white petals, hand-picked in producing countries such as India and Morocco. Tuberose is often used as a heart note in feminine perfumes, combined with woody, spicy, or floral notes to create luxurious and intense fragrances.



As excellence and innovation is at the core of our Brand, our ingredient listing may be updated. We kindly invite you to carefully read the ingredient list on our packaging label if you have sensitive skin or suffer from allergic reactions.

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Application Tips
Apply to pulse points: wrist, neck, décolleté and behind the ears.

Rouge et Noir Intense was born out of the desire to create a fragrance that elegantly exudes the sensuality of women with intense passions. José and Edmond Eisenberg found their inspiration among bold and confident women they encountered, each radiating an irresistible energy that captivated all who crossed their paths.

Enriched with the precious and powerful notes of Tuberose, this perfume unfolds an intoxicating dance of floral essences, inviting indulgence and abandon. Surrender to the sensuality and timeless elegance that only Tuberose can offer.

Juarez Machado's painting perfectly captures the essence of this fragrance, revealing a fulfilled and passionate woman who radiates boldness and irreverence.

This perfume is a subtle yet vibrant blend of ambery floral notes that promises to awaken the senses and leave an unforgettable impression on your skin.

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Eau de Parfum for women

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Elegant, luxurious, sensual, each fragrance a canvas filled with lasting emotion and eternal beauty. The paintings of Brazilian artist Juarez Machado, a key figure in contemporary figurative art, capture the inspiration behind each of the collection's eau de parfum. Let L'Art du Parfum (The Art of Perfume) carry you away on a sensory journey into a universe of enchantment.

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