Find the best serum to transform your skin!

If you think of your daily skincare routine as a smoothie, a serum is the extra wheatgrass shot you order on the side. Serums are highly concentrated additions to the other products you use, imparting active ingredients and nutrients that boost the benefits of your daily skincare regime. Seeking quick, efficient action? Serums will give your skincare routine a lift!


EISENBERG’s serums have a light galenic structure. This allows them to easily penetrate multiple layers of skin. In this way, they release highly concentrated ingredients deep into the skin, affording maximum benefits: targeting wrinkles, dullness or other specific skin concerns.

Active ingredients for deep penetration

Regardless of their unique benefits, all serums contain a high concentration of natural and biotechnological active ingredients – plant-derived ingredients, plant extracts, peptides, vitamins and stem cells. A lack of synthetic filler ingredients enables the skin to quickly absorb these active ingredients, advancing your skincare routine in important ways. They provide more intense correction and prevention, and enable your skin to reap the full rewards of your daily treatment/cream.

High-tech innovation

All of EISENBERG's serums benefit from the Trio-Molecular® Formula, guaranteeing spectacular, immediate results. The Trio-Molecular® Formula synergises 3 molecules which regenerate, energise and oxygenate the skin. When combined with the targeted active ingredients used in our serums, it delivers formidable anti-ageing prevention and correction benefits.

How do you use a serum?

Serums aren’t designed to replace other skincare treatments. Rather, they improve the effectiveness of your existing treatments. You can use a serum once or twice a day, morning and/or night. But if used just once daily, night-time application is better; regeneration works best during sleep when skin is more inclined to benefit from a formula’s actions. Regardless, always apply after cleansing but before using other skincare products. To find the right serum for your needs, keep scrolling.

Hydrating serum

Dry, itchy skin, an uneven complexion and pronounced fine lines are signs of dehydration. Your skin is telling you it needs moisture. Sérum Hydratant Lissant with natural Evening Primrose Oil and an anti-wrinkle super peptide will give your skin the shot of moisture it craves while also reducing the appearance of wrinkles and smoothing rough patches.

Sensitive skin serum

A weakened skin barrier makes skin vulnerable to irritants, causing redness and discomfort. A healthy barrier, on the other hand, retains moisture, shielding skin from aggravations. Made with Sesame seed oil, Raspberry leaf stem cell and Boswellia Serrata extract, Sérum Calmant Ressourçant provides the deep hydration and restructuring abilities sensitive skin needs to build up its natural defences.

Dark spot serum

Sun exposure, environmental toxins and ageing can cause hyperpigmentation, or dark spots as they are more commonly known. Try Correcteur Lumière! Bellis Perennis and Vitamins C and E reduce the appearance of dark spots. This serum enhances the results you obtain from Crème de Jour SPF 30 or Crème de Jour SPF 50 (also formulated with Bellis Perennis and Vitamin C & E), preventing new dark spots from forming.

Firming serum

The face contour and chin are particularly prone to showing signs of skin ageing. Age, genetics, even poor posture can cause sagging, fine lines, wrinkles and double chin. Defy gravity in just 4 weeks with Sérum Affinant Visage! Clinically tested and proven, this serum-gel, made with Caffeine and Theobromine, reduces fat deposits and stimulates collagen synthesis. 

Regenerating serum

Age causes the skin’s natural cell renewal process to slow. Skin loses firmness and tone, and wrinkles and fine lines become more pronounced. Sérum Diamant provides intense regeneration, stimulating microcirculation and illuminating the skin with genuine Diamond powder. Powerful peptides and Imperatoria Leaf extract rebuild the skin’s structure, reducing wrinkles while firming and toning.